Economy modding


This page is about modding of Economy.

Resources[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Resources are defined at "common/strategic_resources/xxx.txt." More can be added but will not be shown without GUI modding.

Data Structure[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • tradable = yes/no - If this resource is diplomatically tradable. Not in the market!
  • max = int - The initial storage capacity of this resource.
  • fixed_max_amount - yes/no - Default no. If yes, the storage capacity of this resource can't be modified by Modifiers.
  • tooltip_decimals = int - Sets the decimals shown in tooltips.
  • deficit_modifier = <static modifier key> - A static modifier to be applied if empire is in deficit of this resource.
  • market_amount = int - Sets the minimal tradable market bulk for this resource.
  • market_price = int - Sets the base price of the minimal tradable market bulk for this resource. Vanilla has 100 for each.
  • ai_weight - How valuable should the AI consider this resource to be.
  • ai_wants - How much the AI wants this resource.
  • prerequisites - A list of technology keys to be researched before the empire can exploit this resource.
  • visibility_prerequisite - A block of Conditions that determines if the empire should see this resource. Vanilla resources always have "always = yes".

How to Make my Resources Shown[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

The most easy way is to head to "interface/resource_groups/xxx.txt" and add the new resources to existing groups.

If more resource groups were added through mods, the new resource groups won't be shown without modding "interface/main.gui".

Resource Example[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

minerals = {
	tradable = yes
	market_amount = 100
	market_price = 100
	max = 15000
	deficit_modifier = minerals_deficit #found in static modifiers

	ai_weight = {
		weight = 1

	ai_wants = {
		base = 1000
volatile_motes = {
	tradable = yes
	market_amount = 10
	market_price = 100
	max = 15000
	prerequisites = { "tech_mine_volatile_motes" }
	deficit_modifier = volatile_motes_deficit #found in static modifiers
	ai_weight = {
		weight = 10

	ai_wants = {
		base = 10

Economy Categories[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Economy Categories are defined at "common/economic_categories/xxx.txt." More can be added but many existing ones were hard-codely required. An economy category may determine ai behaviors or cost modifiers to apply to an economy unit. See Modifiers#Economic_Categories for a complete description.

For instance, the following economy category

rare_edicts = {
	use_for_ai_budget = yes
	parent = edicts
	generate_mult_modifiers = {

allows to modify cost of the following edict (only resources field below)

terraforming_gas = {
	resources = {
		category = rare_edicts
		cost = {
			exotic_gases = 25

based on the empire size : for an empire size of X, cost of the terragorming_gas edict will be 25*X

Economy Units[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Many game objects do have a resource block called Economy Units of the following structure which determines its resource production, upkeep, and/or cost.

  • category = <economy category key> - What economy category should this economy unit fall into. This economy will also be affected by modifiers related to the economy category.
  • produces/upkeep/cost - Production/Upkeep/Cost statement. Multiple allowed. Depending on the game object, some of them might make no sense, for example, an empire edict do not need the produces and upkeep statements.
    • trigger - A block of Conditions to determine should this statement block apply.
    • <resource key> = <float> - Multiple allowed.

Economy Unit Example[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

For example, the 研究人员 Researcher 研究人员Researcher job has the following economy unit:

resources = {
	category = planet_researchers
	produces = {
		physics_research = 4
		engineering_research = 4
		society_research = 4
	produces = {
		trigger = {
			exists = owner
			owner = { has_valid_civic = civic_technocracy }
		unity = 1
	upkeep = {
		consumer_goods = 2

For this statement, a researcher will always produce 研究 Research 研究Research points each +4, and will also produce 凝聚力 Unity 凝聚力Unity +1 if the empire has the civic 技术治国 Technocracy 技术治国Technocracy. In addition, a researcher will always cost 消费品 Consumer Goods 消费品Consumer Goods -2 for an upkeep cost. All these can be modified by modifiers like "planet_researchers_produces_mult". See Modifiers#Economic_Categories for how these modifiers are generated.

Trade Route[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Trade value collection is implemented through Starbase Modifiers while piracy suppression is implemented through Ship Modifiers.

Trade Value Conversion policy is defined at "common/policies/00_policies.txt". It doesn't directly affect actual trade route conversion rate.

Trade Value Conversion rates are abstract game objects defined at "common/trade_conversions/xxx.txt".

  • potential - A block of Conditions to determine should this conversion type apply. (Country scope)
  • weight - If multiple conversions are valid to an empire, one with the highest weight wins.
  • economic_category = <economy category key> - Economy category of this conversion. Vanilla always use "trade_routes".
  • conversion_rate - A list of "<resource key> = <float>" pairs. Resource of this kind generated from trade routes every month is equal to the number provided here * collected empire trade value total.

Branch Office[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Branch Office value algorithm is hard-coded but some parameters are defined at "common/defines/00_defines.txt".

Branch Office resource production is implemented through a Static Modifier, namely "branch_office_value". Vanilla has planet_branch_offices_energy_produces_add = 1, which means the branch office produces 能量币 Energy Credits 能量币Energy Credits +1 for every point of Branch Office value.

Branch Office Buildings are special buildings with the field "branch_office_building = yes". See Building modding for details.

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