Stellaris, and communities surrounding it have their own jargon, including unique slang terms and acronyms.

Acronyms[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Here are some of the common acronyms in the game and in discussions surrounding it:

After Action Report - A Player's recounting of their Stellaris game in the form of a Fan Fiction. For more detail, see the AAR section.
Artificial Intelligence - The governance of the "computer players". The game AI controls all nations that are not being played by humans. This can also sometimes refer to sentient robots that an empire can build with the right technology.
Casus Belli - Reason for war, also referred to as War Goal.
Crash To Desktop - Frequently used in patch notes, occurs when the game crashes and instantly shuts down, returning the player to the desktop.
Downloadable content - For-sale content made available by Paradox that adds more game mechanics, music, and other features to the game. Compare/Contrast with Mod.
Damage Per Second - Characteristic of weapons, used to designate how much damage the weapon does on average per in-game day.
Declaration of War - Can be used as a transitive verb ("I shall DOW you, Tzynn!")
Expansion Pack - Before digital downloads and DLC largely replaced physical discs, an "expansion pack" was the principal method of adding content to a PC video game after it came out. Expansion packs added enough content to be worth fitting onto a CD and selling at a store. Now, it refers to a DLC containing enough content to befit a classical Expansion Pack. It can also be used as a term in place of DLC.
Fallen Empire - Millennia old, large and extremely powerful empires that have become old and stagnant over the ages. They will not expand or attack players unless certain conditions are met. Fallen Empires that have awoken- stop being stagnant and resume expansion and conquest at full vigor and power - are referred to as Awakened Empires (AE).
Fog of War - Prevents empires from seeing parts of the map they do not have sensor coverage for.
Faster Than Light - Faster Than Light travel across the galaxy. Refers to FTL.
Galactic Conquest - Taking over every single system in the galaxy, uniting the whole galaxy under one single empire; often used as the ultimate end goal for ambitious players.
Game Master - Leader or organizer of a multiplayer game.
Mean Time To Happen - Metric used to measure how long, on average, it takes for an event to trigger.
Overextension. Whenever an empire exceeds its administrative capacity, the resulting penalties are referred to as overextension penalties.
Out of Sync - Notorious desynchronization error that occurs in multiplayer, requires the game to be loaded again.
Overpowered; In-game, this label can be applied to any item, empire build, strategy or tactic that is much stronger compared to all other equivalents with seemingly no balancing factor to counter its power. On the forums, it refers to the Original Poster of a thread.
One Planet Minor - An empire that controls only one inhabited planet (Habitats and Ringworlds also count as planets in this metric). From EU4 Term "One Province Minor".
Personal Computer
Random Number Generator - Mathematical sub-system that generates a random number. Used to determine chances for events, battle results, and other game features that use randomization of results to any degree.
Works/working as designed - Means that the thing in question is wrongly considered a bug and is actually intentional.

Slang[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Here are some of the common slang terms in the game and in discussions surrounding it:

Beating up...
Declaring war on an empire with the intent of weakening them by damaging their fleets, economy, population, and the like without directly conquering anything from them. Typically refers to the Humiliate and Plunder War Goals. ("Next, let's go beat up the Iferyssians.")
An already sizable empire that tends to start expanding rapidly unless stopped. Named after how such large empires' expansions can leave them with irregular borders, resembling blobs of paint on the map.
Short for diplomatic annexation; a way to peacefully incorporate a vassal state that has been under the overlord's control for at least 3600 days.
Doom Stack
A fleet or more often collection of fleets made up of all an empire's ships. Theorized to defeat the enemies fleet in a decisive battle and go on to win the war.
A software package that modifies the game, written by the player community. Compare/contrast with DLC.
Save scumming
Reloading an earlier save when something goes wrong in order to set things right. Often considered a negative trait; impossible to do if Ironman is activated.
Short for vassal shelling. Which involves surrounding an empire with an outer shell of vassals, preventing it from expanding.
An elongated and sinuously shaped empire, usually only one hyperlane wide. Also used as a verb, when expanding 1 system wide in order to gain a system without spending many admin cap on the systems leading to it while keeping influence costs reasonable.
Vassal Swarm
Often refers to a situation where an empire commands a group of vassals whose combined fleet power drastically outnumber that of the opposition.
The act of declaring war, or being declared war upon.
Describes a player (and certain AI-controlled countries) who constantly declare wars whenever possible and feasible, sometimes even several at once, for the sole purpose of conquering even more systems. These empires are rarely at peace.
Dealing with constant small-scale issues appearing up throughout the empire, such as minor rebellions or pirates.

AAR[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

After Action Reports (AARs) are threads posted to the Stellaris AAR-forums or a personal web site or blog written by players about their ongoing games. They can be written from the game player's personal point of view (gameplay AAR), or can be written from a fictitious narrative perspective (narrative AAR), like a serialized novel. Some writers also blend the two elements, going from a metagame discussion to a fictitious narrative set in their game's alternate history world.

Players can include screenshots from their games, maps, period art, and other elements to add depth to their reports.

Game Terms[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

A lot of the games script files make specific checks. It would be highly ineffective to name them every time.

Term Description
Country A "country" is a gameplay Entity. It shows the Clausewitz engine's heritage in Paradox's previous historical games. Countries can come in many types and shapes, but the most visible ones will be the Player, AI and Fallen Empires and their borders.
Country Type The most commonly used (and checked for) value is "default". This describes any normal Player or AI empires. However, there are numerous other types: Fallen Empires, Awakened Fallen Empires, Primitives, Crisis Factions, Enclaves, Leviathans, Spaceborne Aliens etc. The checks for default are there to not include any of those in considerations.
Capital World The current or original Capital of an Empire. The starting planet is every Empire's original Capital World, but it can be moved. The Capital World and its System can never be in a Sector. The Capital can be changed at any time, given enough influence. A new one will be chosen automatically if the current one is lost.
Encountered another Species has_encountered_other_species = yes is very common check in the Faction system. It is true if one has at least one Communication or one Xeno Pop. Apparently the "at least one Communication" rule is also true if one has at least an active special project to analyze spaceborne aliens.
Primary Species As the name indicates, the Primary species of the Empire. Usually this is the founding species of the Empire. In certain cases, the Primary Species can change - mostly if all pops of that species "died out" due to Genetic Engineering or similar things.
Xeno A pop not of the Primary species, but (often) within one's Empire. Checks have to explicitly exclude Robot Pops and most do that properly. Subspecies are implicitly not considered Xenos.
Subspecies This species has usually been created by intentional Genetic Engineering or similar things and are considered to be a subvariant of the species it was created from. They are NOT considered as Xenos and checks for Xeno will implicitly exclude them. They should operate under the same rights as their parent species.
Owner Species A new check used in the Faction System, introduced in 1.5. It might be equal to the Primary Species of the Empire. But it might also be the owner species of the Faction (if there are Species differentiated ones) or even the Species of the current Faction Leader
Non-Sentient This category includes Pre-Sentient Pops as well as all types of Robots aside from Synthetics.
Robot Pop This Population unit is a Robot. This should include all 3 types of Robots as well as a species that have undergone the Technological Ascension and were formerly organic.
Flag Generally information cannot be transferred between multiple script files or even separate events in the same file. Flags are there to circumvent this limitation. Flags can be Galaxy-wide, Country-wide, System-wide, Planet-wide or Pop-specific in scope at least. Mostly they are permanent (to indicate a certain thing has started), but a few timed ones have been added with 1.5.
Relation A specific class of Countries, namely ones that one can enter into diplomatic relations with. This might be the widest group, as it includes even Pre-FTL countries.
Neighbor A specific class of Countries that are nearby. Sharing borders is not strictly necessary, but the exact distance threshold is unknown.
Communication This should count how many Empires one can communicate with. That means it should include anything in the Empire list, short of Primitives. However, in practice, it seems to include the special projects associated with translating a species language or learning of a spaceborne entity.
Citizenship Rights "has_citizenship_rights". Is true for any species that has Full Citizenship Rights, granting them the ability to form and participate in factions and generate leaders, hence the abbreviation
Can Be Military Leader "can_be_military_leader". Is all of the following: (Not Enslaved), (not Pre-Sentient), (either not a Robot Pop or is a Tier 3 Robot with Full AI Rights Policy) and Full Military Service.